Blues With Greens Salad

Blues With Greens Salad

I spend my summers in the blueberry field. Early in the morning, I greet the pickers, and then for the rest of the day, I clean, weigh and sell blueberries. The best thing about cleaning berries, is I get to eat the ones that catch my eye. It is wonderful that in the warmth of summer, I can eat all the warm, rich, tasty blueberries that I want, right off the blueberry bushes. One of my favourite dishes in summer is salad, and I love to incorporate fresh berries.

If I am feeding my family (I have two hungry men in that bunch), a salad becomes a side dish. But for me, it’s an entire meal. It’s the same salad, just sometimes shared!

Because spinach is a healthy dark green vegetable, it’s a great base for a salad. It’s also a great base for adding flavours and textures. Celery and cabbage add crunch, peppers, chives, add flavour, and feta adds flavour and a bit of protein. And blueberries add all of the above, nutrition, flavour and texture. Everything in this recipe is something you can buy locally.






Fresh basil leaves

Celery stalk


Yellow pepper, sliced

Red cabbage


Feta cheese




Just mix honey mustard dressing with poppy seed dressing, and add a sprinkle of dill for a unique combo that packs a flavourful punch for such a simple mixture!

The fun with this salad, as with others, is there are so berry (pun intended) many options to add, and any idea you have is one to try. But until then, this recipe is great for enjoying!