Dog Days Of Summer

Dog Days Of Summer

It’s the middle of summer, and we are still busy bringing in pails of blueberries that our trusty pickers collect. I enjoy my relationship with the pickers who come year after year. I have watched the young children of the pickers grow up and head off to college or get married or any other choice that we make as adults. It is a joy to me to have these friends that I see year around, though mostly in summer. Every day I make chai, just the way they like it, and share it with them around one of our picnic tables. They share their Indian food with me, which I enjoy. It’s a fellowship of the field, if none other.

My life continues to be outside, surrounded by blue and green. I can sit at the belt with Abby and Brendah, discuss the news of the day, or our daily lives, while removing the soft and green berries, so only the very best go in the boxes. Sometimes one of my family members shows up and finds the resident lawn chair, and we discuss something of importance. Just another fellowship of the field!

By this time of the year, the craziness of the first pick is over, and I can enjoy another group of people, and that is my customers. They come from all over the Lower Mainland, from many walks of life, and some of them have been my customers for many years. I have learned about the changes in their lives, good and challenging and I feel really privileged to be the place they come to for blueberries!

While I enjoy berry season, it is always rewarding at the end of the summer, to see the berries all picked, and off to our customers, or in the freezer, waiting for our winter orders so they can be turned into delicious muffins, coffee cake, pie and more!

We hope to see you at the farm before the season is over!