Mt Lehman Summer Sojourn

Mt Lehman Summer Sojourn RussLynn Blueberries

Mt Lehman Summer Sojourn

What is a sojourn? A short visit, a place to rest temporarily, a stopover. Rest is an important element in our busy lives these days. RussLynn Blueberry Farms offers the perfect sojourn spot as it’s surrounded by trees, green grass, birds, and of course, delicious blueberries! Our farm also provides the chance to meet Elmer – our delightful, harmless, and VERY friendly dog – who we like to call our mascot.

We have picnic tables with shade umbrellas that are perfect for you to enjoy a meal with family and friends. Bring along a picnic lunch, and we will have some special blueberry munchies on hand for you to enjoy!


Or, simply just come and relax – we would love to meet you and share our farm’s story. (If you want to bring your own lawn chair or picnic blanket, there is room for that too!)

We won’t be in full swing harvest yet, but we will have our u-pick area open for this event. We sell our u-pick blueberries for $1.50/lb. For more information on the Mt Lehman Summer Sojourn, visit: