Opening Soon!

Opening Soon!

One of the things I love to do as a farmer is to share the fruits of our labour. Each spring, as a family, we watch the blossoms burst out, and then we watch those blossoms turn to green berries. Now we get to celebrate the rich blueberries!

It’s like the culmination of a hope every year, and I get anxious in a good way each spring to get out in the field and get berries harvested and ready for our customers.

Last Saturday, the Mt. Lehman area put on a summer sojourn where several farms in the area invited folk to visit their farms to learn more about their products. So we decided to join in as well!


We offered our delicious blueberry hot pepper jelly on crackers with cream cheese, and we made blueberry tea to share our love of ice tea and blueberries. Besides the enjoyment of nature’s cold water, ice tea is the next best thing from our perspective. We will share those recipes on our blog shortly!

So it all starts next week! Opening day is this upcoming Monday, July 23rd – a day we look forward to every year! The first day is always filled with anxiety, joy, excitement, and anticipation. Seeing it all come together when the pickers arrive, the equipment gets set up, and the grass in the rows is mowed is great, and all apart of berry season.

Fresh, frozen and u-pick, we’ve got your blueberry needs covered this summer! Come and stock up on berries picked and cleaned for $3.00/lb or bring your own containers and pick your own for $1.50/lb. Check out our produce page for all of the blueberry options and pricing info!

We enjoy all our customers, old and new, who pop by for blueberries. Hope to see you this berry season!